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  • hôte : <<BARRETT-JACKSON>> se dit lui même "the world's greatest collector car events" met aux enchères un bon millier de voitures en une semaine à Scottsdale (Arizona) tous les ans en janvier. Puis c'est au tour de Las Vegas, Palm Beach etc etc
  • voitures américaines : c'est 95% des propositions au marteau
  • photos : du webmestre du trombinoscar en janvier 2008

  • lot 66 - adjugé $15000
  • Summary : The Texas School for the Deaf proved that even with building roadsters, you don't mess with Texas. Its compact and vintage design make this Rat Rod so unique. Sold on a Bill of Sale only. Special conditions apply.
  • Description : Monster Garage invaded the shop class at the Texas School for the Deaf. With Jesse James as your teacher, you can imagine the kind of assignment you will be given. The nearly all deaf team, comprised of two teachers and six students under the guidance of professor Jesse James created the ultimate rough and rowdy, rusted roadster, just in time for the weekend. The team was given the frame of a 1932 Ford roadster to start. While the kids attended classes during the day, Jesse set out to find the perfect body for the car. From a local, he received a body of a 1929 Model A roadster pick-up. The students had no idea what they were in for. To get the body attached to the frame, the frame had to be pinched. So the cross member of the frame was cut so that the body would slide on. After the body was in place, the cross member was welded back to the frame. Additional cutting and welding also included lowering the window frame of the car, and mounting the 350hp Chevy engine to the frame. The team had a little trouble finding rear axel plates that fit, without correct plates, the wheel, and all hell, would break loose. On the final day of the build, determined to finish on time, the students took the wheels off an inoperable car in the parking lot of their school and placed them on their custom roadster. After the initial start-up, and a little bit of fireworks, The Rat Rod was completed. "These guys are dangerous," exclaims Jesse as the team controls a small garage fire. THE TEAM: Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, CA, Mickey Jasso, TSD Senior, Bryon Terell, TSD Senior, Greata Cole, TSD Sophomore, Michael Anglin, TSD Senior, Mickey Thomas, TSD Sophomore, Caleb Goodpastor, After School Program Hearing Student, Austin High, Keith Baker, Welding Teacher, TSD, and Donald Pekar, Auto Mechanic Teacher. VEHICLE SPECS: Engine: 350 Chevy; Height: 3' 8"; Width: 5' 7"; Length: 11'; Ground Clearance: 5". MONSTER SPECS: Special Welds: Rails from frame welded to the '29 Model A frame. The Cross member was cut and welded to pinch the frame. Also the motor mount was welded to the frame





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