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Touring 7 pass


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6795 Pierce-Arrow 1930 / $3975


torpédo 4 portes 7 places


8cyl en ligne - 132cv

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  • photos : webmestre du trombinoscar en avril 2002

  • In an effort to provide the largest amount of information possible, I have included a lengthy description and many photos of this car. Please look them over carefully if you are interested. Feel free to phone or e-mail if you need more information. Thank You.
  • Offered for sale at NO RESERVE is this outstanding 1930 Pierce-Arrow model A seven passenger touring car, originally the property of the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The car is mostly unrestored and in excellent driving condition. I acquired the car last year from its owner of over 50 years and it is certainly one of the finest cars I've ever owned. I am very reluctantly selling it because space and financial considerations force me to reduce my collection. I'm sure its new owner will find, as I have, that the Pierce-Arrow of this era is among the finest motorcars ever built.
  • HISTORY: Construction of the Broadmoor Hotel was begun in 1916 on the site of the original 1891 Broadmoor Casino in Colorado Springs. When the Hotel opened for business in 1918 its owner, Arthur Penrose, declared it would be among the world's finest resorts with a level of service higher than any other in the United States. The breathtaking scenery of the Colorado Springs area attracted the finest clientele and the Broadmoor quickly became a destination for the wealthy and influential. There was an immediate demand for automobiles to transport guests throughout the scenic area, particularly to the top of nearby Pikes Peak, a climb to 14,000 feet. The Broadmoor needed cars that offered the best in power, safety, and luxury, and began a relationship with Pierce-Arrow which would last the life of the manufacturer. In 1930 the Broadmoor placed an order for a fleet of all new Pierces, choosing the top-of the-line model A sedans and touring cars. These were Pierce's largest and most powerful cars with 144 in. wheelbase, 385 c.i. straight eight engine, and four speed transmission. 15 cars were purchased, six of which were the open touring models. Each car had a unique hotel number, with the touring cars numbered 10 through 15. My car is number 11, and the number was stamped into the metal parking light bracket on each Broadmoor car.
  • The cars for the Broadmoor fleet were specially constructed; the following is excerpted from a story by Paul Johnson about his friend Angelo Cimino, longtime mechanic and driver at the Broadmoor:
  • "When the Broadmoor was preparing to purchase the fleet of 1930 Pierce-Arrows, Angy met with Don Anson (Pierce factory engineer) on setting up the cars for the climb up the Peak. A test touring car was shipped to the Broadmoor along with various ring and pinion gear sets, cylinder heads, carburetor jets and radiators. The car was loaded with lead bars from the Broadmoor printing plant to simulate a full load of passengers, and then Angy and Don drove the car on a number of trips up the Peak using different combinations of the above parts until the desired performance was attained. All of the cars were then configured in that manner prior to being shipped from the factory."
  • The Pierce fleet provided excellent service and was kept in top mechanical and cosmetic condition, with each car carefully washed, including the undercarriage, after every day's driving. Mr. Cimino can be seen in one of the attached photos at the wheel of one of the touring cars at Glen Cove, 11,425 feet above sea level, in 1934. He continued to work for the Broadmoor until the day he died in 1980.
  • I haven't been able to determine exactly when the Broadmoor sold off its fleet of Pierces but car number 11 apparently passed to the hands of a young man who lived in the Colorado Springs area. The name of this Pierce enthusiast has been lost to history but it seems he went off to college in Washington D.C. and took the car with him. Ted Fuller was working near D.C. when he heard about the car and secured its purchase in 1951. He would own the car for the next 50 years. Mr. Fuller moved to Connecticut and it is there that the car has resided for most of its life. He was active in the Classic Car Club and the car was used for touring and special events through the 1960s and 70s but it recent years the car has been driven very little. More recently Mr. Fuller planned a full restoration of the car but after restoring the wheels he decided because of his advancing age to sell the car and I was able to purchase it in 2003. I have enjoyed driving the car immensely, and just last month drove the car roundtrip from Oakland to Yosemite National Park, covering over 400 miles which included freeway driving as well as serious hill climbing, with the car performing beautifully.
  • EQUIPMENT: This car is fully equipped for long distance touring. It has the original heavy duty wooden artillery wheels, thermostatically controlled radiator shutters, and Pierce-Arrow trunk with four fitted suitcases. The spacious rear section includes folding jump seats and a compartment behind the back seat for storage of the side curtains. There is also a locking tool compartment in the driver's door. I am particularly impressed with the fine details of the car including the Pierce name molded into the rubber floor mat, high backed jump seats, crank adjustable driver's seat, beveled glass rear window, and dash gauges shaped to match the radiator shell.
  • CONDITION: BODY / INTERIOR: The quality of the car and its meticulous care over the years have resulted in the car remaining in very solid condition. The body is rock solid with no rust or rot anywhere, ever. Mr. Fuller painted the car in 1952 in a light yellow with green pinstripe, replacing the original Broadmoor gray. This paint still shines but in many areas it is chipping off and for show the car would need to be repainted. Apparently when new the underside of the fenders and the chassis were the same color green as the wheels and this original paint still exists on these areas. It seems the chrome radiator shell was replated years ago and it still looks good although there are some scratches. The bumpers and door handles would be improved by rechroming but are still useable as is. As I mentioned the wheels have recently been restored and they are in fine shape. At the same time the car was painted, Mr. Fuller had the front and rear seats reupholstered in a black vinyl. The rest of the interior is still all original including the leather door panels, side panels, and leather jump seats, which show a fair amount of age but are still serviceable. The original rubber floor mats are still in the car but the rear in particular is quite worn. Although the seat material is not original it has aged and now matches the rest of the interior quite well. The top was also replaced in the 1950s and it is still in good condition and goes up and down without any problems. Despite the age and wear to the paint, trim and upholstery, the car still has a presentable look to it. The new owner may want to undertake a show restoration, but the car is very usable and can be enjoyed immediately just as it is.
  • MECHANICAL: Overall the car is in excellent mechanical condition. The engine always starts and runs very strong and smooth with incredible power. Mr. Fuller told me he never had the engine apart and I believe the 51,000 miles showing are probably original, although he could not verify it. The four speed transmission shifts well and the clutch seems to be fine. We inspected the brakes and found the linings to be excellent. The car stops well, but adjustment of the mechanical lines might lead to improved braking. The radiator shutters open and close automatically and the car never overheats. The wiring is fine and all lights and gauges are operational, even the clock! The original windshield wipers are complete and look to be functional but at the moment they are off the car and in a box. The tires are fairly new and are in excellent condition.
  • DRIVING THE CAR: I am very fortunate to have a car collection which includes Stutz, Packard, Locomobile, and Duesenberg, but I can honestly say this is the best driving old car I have ever owned. The 132 horsepower straight eight has amazing pick up and power for a car of 1930. The special Pikes Peak gears allow for superb hill climbing ability but the car still cruises very comfortably on the freeway at 55 mph. The car's length makes for a smooth comfortable ride with excellent tracking. Particularly remarkable is the balance of the car: despite its substantial weight and enormous wheelbase, the car will literally steer with one finger. Overall it is a great pleasure to drive.
  • INCLUDED WITH THE CAR: is the original owner's manual as well every ORIGINAL key for the ignition, tool compartment, sidemount locks, and trunk, alowith a spare set. There are also a number of travel and sightseeing brochures from the Colorado Springs area dating from the 1920s and 30s, and a book on the history of the Broadmoor Hotel. The car has a full set of side curtains for cold or wet weather driving, a boot cover for the top when lowered, and a very heavy duty canvas cover for the trunk. There is also the original crank for crank starting, and a set of Pierce-Arrow tools. There are also some spare parts including headlight lenses and tail light assemblies.
  • VALUE: This is an extremely rare car, as few model A Pierces exist today. According to the Pierce-Arrow Society roster, all six of the Broadmoor touring cars are still alive, but only very rarely does one come on the market. (apparently none of the Broadmoor sedans have survived) It seems that car number 13 was offered for sale last year in restored condition for a price near $200,000. This car must go right away and I'm willing to let the bidders determine the price. If you can't bear to wait for the end of the auction you may contact me to discuss a buy it now price. Whatever the case this is surely an opportunity to get a bargain on a remarkable car and a rare piece of automotive history.
  • TERMS: The car is sold as is, with buyer responsible for transport. All sales are final. I am confident the car could be driven anywhere but if you need to ship it look in your local yellow pages or on the internet under auto transporting to get a price quote. I can make shipping arrangements if necessary. I have sold a number of collector cars on eBay and all buyers are very happy with the transactions - check my feedback or I will provide references if desired.




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