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1 9 2 6


2586 exemplaires 1926 / $2285


berline 4 portes 5 places


8 cylindres - 66cv

  • hôte : e-bay, le fameux site d'enchères aux USA qui comprend toujours entre 1 et 2 millions d'objets à enchérir. C'est celui aussi qui a acheté notre iBazar national avec ses 4 à 600 mille objets aux enchères et qui est devenu
  • voitures américaines : il y en a toujours beaucoup avec de superbes photos sur le site américain. Le site français propose en général entre 2 et 4 pages d'objets et de voitures avec une certaine modestie pour les photos. Ceci va sans doute changer
  • photos : elles sont du propriétaire-vendeur "mrbubblewrapcheap" de son nom de code ebay

  • 1899 : La firme " Locomobile Company of America" a été fondée en juin par John Brisben Walker et Amzi Lorenzo Barber après le rachat de la société Stanley. Walker a fait fortune dans la presse avec... Cosmopolitan et Barber avec le revêtement de route.
  • 1902 : une locomobile parcourt le Mile lancé en 1'15". La gamme de l'année est plutôt impressionnante avec 12 modèles de $900 à $2400 pour 2750 véhicules vendus
  • 1903 : arrivée des premiers modèles à essence en forme tonneau et en 9cv ($3300) et 16cv ($4500), les vapeur continuant avec trois modèles, runabout à $950, locosurrey à $1200 et dos-à-dos à $1600
  • 1905 : il ne semble plus n'y avoir que des moteurs à essence de 15 à 45cv et de $2800 à $8000
  • 1906 : mieux encore avec la <<LOCOMOBILE SPECIAL VANDERBILT RACER>> en 4 cylindres de 90cv à.... $18000
  • 1907 : on entre dans une periode de quelques années où Locomobile se fait remarquer en course par ses résultats prometteurs
  • 1911 : arrivée du 6 cylindres développant 48cv <<LOCOMOBILE model 48>> en 4 carrosseries de $4800 à $6150
  • 1914 : la gamme ne comprend plus que des 6 cylindres de 44 et 49cv de$4400 à $6500
  • 1921 : le moteur 6 cylindres développant 95cv <<LOCOMOBILE model 48>> sera le seul proposé jusqu'en 1924 inclus
  • 1922 : ennuis au même niveau et pour les mêmes raisons que Simplex et Mercer (quelles raisons?) . William C Durant rachète Locomobile
  • 1925 alors que la fourchette de prix allait de $7900 à $11200 l'année précédente, un modèle 8 cylindres de 66cv appelé <<LOCOMOBILE JUNIOR 8>> arrive sur le marché dès $1785 et jusqu'à $2265
  • 1928 : la gamme est impressionnante: 7 modèles de 6 et 8 cylindres, de 70 à 115cv, de $1975 à $12500 et totalisant 56 versions différentes pour... 112 voitures vendues
  • 1929 : Faisant partie du groupe Durant avec Flint, Star, et Durant, seule la marque "Durant a été conservée jusqu'à sa mort en 1932

1899 = 337
1900 = 767
1901 = 1561
1902 = 2750
1903 = 1897
1904 = 927
1905 = 688
1906 = 723
1907 = 627
1908 = ±1000
1909 = ±1000
1910 = ±1000
1911 = ±1000
1912 = ±1000
1913 = ±1000
1914 = ±1000
1915 = ±1000
1916 = ±1000
1917 = ±1000
1918 = 8627
1919 = 9429
1920 = 1000
1921 = 721
1922 = 221
1923 = 116
1924 = 230
1925 = 828
1926 = 2586
1927 = 2037
1928= 112
  • 1929 = 327 et fermeture

  • 1926 LOCOMOBILE JR 8 car WOW - Transmission: Manual   - 8 - Cyl.
  • Vehicle Description : Hi, I do a lot of estate work.I just bought an estate up in Conn last month and found this nice classic car. This has been garaged most of it life. Its a 1926 Locomobile JR 8.Its in incredible condition. This won trophy's in the 60's and 70's and still have a couple that go with the car. It sat garaged for the past 5 years untouched as its owner was in his 90's. I have the original owners Manuel, And some old photos of the car also. It had three owners in its life.But I think it was all family related some how. Any way. I read the owners Manual,drained the stale gas. Added some gas to the gas vacuum canister and gas tank ,added lead additive, bought a new 6 volt battery, read what settings for the timing levers on the steering wheel, pushed the floor starter. It started right up and purred. Backed it out of the garage Let it run a while, checked the green anti freeze, Drove it up and down the driveway a few times. Great fun. I started it 10 times all no problems over a few weeks. Then I pulled it out the other day. Waxed the whole car for fun. Pulled it back in. Went out for lunch came home. I went to start it again and alls it does is crank ,and crank. So after finding great spark etc. I pulled the valve covers and 3 or 4 valves are sticking and one is stuck open . The 3 or 4 that where stuck down , by morning are back up. The one is stuck open. And I have sprayed w-d-40 for a day but it still is stuck. So now it will need a valve job. This ran quite with no smoke at all.Its a big straight 8. It looks very easy to pull the heads. I just don't have the time. Gauges read correct temp, oil pressure, even the fuel gauge moved. The original radiator cap still has its working thermometer in it. I don't think the speedo worked. I was so excited going up and down my drive way. I forgot to look. The title has 22076 original miles the same that's shown on the speedo.So its not counting. It doesn't show any more miles from when I titled it . It's titled in my name. The inside is very clean. Head liner is nice. All 6 of the side window roll down, and the back and side have real window shades. Doors open and close perfect. Nothing to do except change the small rear carpet. It is worn and has stains. Real wood steering wheel. Head lights and side head lights work as does the horn . The body is what looks to me, metal over wood for the doors and stuff. Nice older paint with only some cracking of the lacquer on the lower parts of doors.You could repaint the color body areas, with out doing the whole car. Some other chips and fine paint cracks here and there. This must of been painted a very very long time ago. And its hard to believe how good its held up.I waxed the car its that nice still as it is.The roof and running boards are all perfect. Original crank and jack still under the driver seat. I have the ignition key. But can't find the key for the one door and the spare tire lock. This was a very expensive car in its day. Built in Bridgeport Conn. I have read some about the car. Its very interesting. Mostly sold to wealthy people. And few where built.Locomobile also built fire trucks and hi end delivery car's for well to do company's. On the internet I could only fine a convertible for sale for $225,000. and a rusted out basket case parts car that looks like the titanic or worst for $15,000. Hagerty added this to my policy instantly for $85,000. I don't know what its worth. As most have end up in collections or museums and seldom are they offered for sale.How many could still be around. My reserve is very low. I looked at what model a fords are selling for and figured this has to be worth at least that. But fords where common cheap cars in comparison. I'm sure you will be surprised at the condition , and how well this was taken care of its whole life. Its in my heated garage and I need the space for antique furniture. I could go on and on. There's just to much to tell about this nice old classic car. It should be in the movies. Car is 78 years old and is sold in as -is condition with no warrentee.
  • Hello, I wanted to add that each of the 4 original little chrome wheel hub caps do have the flag and the JR 8 on them. Also if you look at the dash photos. You can see that the gauges are working as the car was running while I was taking the photos days before the valves stuck.The engine does not start now. The brakes work fine, as does the hand brake. Shocks look fine also. The dash also has a cigarette lighter that pulls out on a long retractable cord. Then retracts back in. Pretty neat. On the shifter handle knob, inside that round area on knob you see in the photos is some sort of oil meter. I have no idea what this does but is interesting.





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