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Super Eight Convertible Coupe


1 9 4 1


3525 model 1-60 / $1892


cabriolet 2 portes 4 places


8 cylindres de 356cid - 160cv

  • hôte : e-bay, le fameux site d'enchères aux USA qui comprend toujours entre 1 et 2 millions d'objets à enchérir. C'est celui aussi qui a acheté notre iBazar national avec ses 4 à 600 mille objets aux enchères et qui est devenu
  • voitures américaines : il y en a toujours beaucoup avec de superbes photos sur le site américain. Le site français propose en général entre 2 et 4 pages d'objets et de voitures avec une certaine modestie pour les photos. Ceci va sans doute changer
  • photos : elles sont de "tyclassiccars", nom de code ebay du vendeur

  • l'année Packard 1941 est à sa 11e Series et comprend des ONE-TEN SIX - EIGHT ONE-TWENTY - SUPER EIGHT ONE-SIXTY - SUPER EIGHT ONE-EIGHTY - CLIPPER
    Début de commercialisation en septembre 1940 sauf la Clipper en avril 1941
    • 1900
      • 7 choix dont un "Taxi", de $927 pour le Business Coupe à $1251 pour le Station Wagon
    • 1900 DELUXE
      • 5 choix de $1058 pour le Club Coupe à $ $1326 pour le Station Wagon
    • moteur 6 cylindres en ligne de 245cid développant 100cv à 3200t/mn
    • total 34 700 produites
      • 1901
        • 8 choix de $1142 pour le Business Coupe à $1541 pour le Station Wagon DeLuxe
        • le Station Wagon existe en version standard et DeLuxe
        • moteur 8 cylindres en ligne de 282cid développant 120cv à 3600t/mn
        • total 17 100 produites
    • 1903
      • 7 choix possibles de $1594 pour le Business Coupe à $2405 pour le Convertible Sedan DeLuxe
      • Convertible Sedan et Convertible Coupe existent en version Standard et DeLuxe
    • 1904
      • Touring Sedan 5 places à $2009
    • 1905
      • en Touring Sedan 7 places à $2161 et Touring Limousine 7 places à $2289
    • moteur 8 cylindres en ligne de 356cid développant 160cv à 3500t/mn
    • total 3525 produites
    • 1906
      • Convertible Victoria Darrin 5 places à $4595
    • 1907
      • 6 choix de $2632 pour le Touring Sedan à $4795 pour le Sport sedan Darrin
    • 1908
      • 5 choix possibles de $2769 pour le Touring Limousine à $5595 pour le Touring Limousine LeBaron
    • moteur 8 cylindres 356cid développant 160cv à 3500t/mn
    • total 930 produites
    • 1951
      • Touring Sedan 5 places à $1420
    • moteur 8 cylindres 282cid développant 125cv à 3600t/mn
    • total 16 600 produites

  • en vente sur ebay en septembre 2002 avec un prix de réserve et un achat immédiat possible de $50 000
  • 1941 Packard Super 8 Model 160
  • The Model 160 is a recognized classic by the Classic Car Club of America. This is a Senior Series Packard. In 1941, Packard made the 110 which was a 6-cylinder, the 120 which was a 282 cubic inch 8-cylinder developing 120 horse power. The Super 8 Model 160 which is what we have here was a 356 cubic inch engine developing 160 HP - that's 40 more HP than the standard 120 8-cylinder. The car is a fine example and a rare find. The car was delivered new to Bardsall-Stockdale Motor Company in Colorado Springs, CO. The date of the delivery was 4/28/41.
  • Two appraisal books have been included below. Note that the Old Cars Price Guide that has just come out prices the deluxe convertible in #1 condition at $74,000, # 2 condition at $51,800. The N.A.D.A. book appraises the 1941 Packard Convertible at low, average, and high. High is $78,200, Average is $55,900, and Low is $38,700.
  • If you're a Packard collector, you know that the appraisal guides are rarely kind to Packard. Packard sells for much more that what the appraisal guides generally call them at. This is simply because Packard never built that many cars, and they were in fact the premier luxury car in the pre-War years.
  • We've seen Packard convertibles sell for well over $100,000. This is a Model 160. You rarely ever see a Model 160. There were not very many of them made, and very few survived.
  • The car is painted Packard creme/yellow. The car was restored about 25 years ago and the restoration is still in very good shape. This car has been stored and used sparingly for the last 20 years. The chrome is very good and very presentable, there's no pits or peeling in the bumpers or the grill. The car's equipped with dual side-mounts with script Packard mirrors and skirts. I'm not sure that the skirts were a factory accessory, they may have been an after-market accessory, but they're a pleasant addition to the flowing lines of this Packard 160.
  • The hood ornament (see picture below) is the Dutch Darrin designed ornament that was designed for the Darrin that was built that year. The Darrin was built on the 160 chassis using a 160 convertible like this to do that. The dual side-mounts are topped with Packard script mirrors, very fashionable for the time. It's equipped with a radio and a clock and a heater. The radio and clock are both in place and in good shape but neither are functional at this time. The chrome in the dashboard is in very good condition. The leather interior is genuine red leather. This Senior Model a full back seat, not a jump seat like the lesser models. The top is a tan cloth top. It's a vacuum operated top. The steering wheel is in such good shape that I have to think it's been redone. It's a banjo type wheel, the correct steering wheel for the car. This is a very, very correct car. It's a correct engine, has a 3 speed overdrive, fog lights, and 3 horns, the kind of trumpet horn that Packard used at the time - this is the correct 1941, original horns
  • The trunk is done in red rug. The original jack is wrapped in the canvas carry case that the dealer supplied. On the carry case is the name of the dealership. The dealer was a dual dealer, he handled Packard and Pontiac, and on the bag it says Bardsall-Stockdale Motor Company, Colorado Springs, CO, Packard and Pontiac.
  • The paintwork on the car is very presentable, but it really would have to be redone for show. There's some mild cracking in the corner panels well, you have to look hard to see it. The running boards appear to be new, probably from Steele Rubber products. The boot of course is new, was redone when the car was redone. And like most Packards, it shifts like butter and steers like a baby-buggy. It's a pleasure to drive! Thank you for the interest in the Packard, bid to own it - it's for sale!







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