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Station Wagon 9pass


1 9 5 9


2 133 exemplaires / $3055


familiale 4 portes 9 places


V8 de 332cid

  • hôte : e-bay, le fameux site d'enchères aux USA qui comprend toujours entre 1 et 2 millions d'objets à enchérir. C'est celui aussi qui a acheté notre iBazar national avec ses 4 à 600 mille objets aux enchères et qui est devenu
  • voitures américaines : il y en a toujours beaucoup avec de superbes photos sur le site américain. Le site français propose en général entre 2 et 4 pages d'objets et de voitures avec une certaine modestie pour les photos. Ceci va sans doute changer
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  •  Edsel en 1959 produisait les series Ranger, Corsair et Villager
  • RANGER: toutes en 6 places,
    moteur V8 de 292cid développant 200cv à 4400t/mn, compression 8.8:1 et carburateur double corps
    en option moteur 6cyl de 223cid et développant 144cv à 4000t/mn
    • SEDAN 2 portes (7778 ex à $2629)
    • SEDAN 4 portes (12814 ex à $2684).
    • HARDTOP COUPE 2 portes (5474 ex à $2691)
    • HARDTOP SEDAN 4 portes (2352 ex à $2756)
  • CORSAIR: toutes en 6 places, existaient en
    moteur V8 de 332cid développant 225cv à 4400t/mn, compression 8.9:1 et carburateur double corps
    • SEDAN 4 portes (3301 ex à $2812),
    • HARDTOP SEDAN 4 portes (1694 ex à $2885)
    • HARDTOP COUPE 2 portes (2315 ex à $2819)
    • Convertible (1343 ex à $3072)
  • VILLAGER: ou station wagon
    moteur V8 de 332cid développant 225cv à 4400t/mn, compression 8.9:1 et carburateur double corps
    • 6 places 4 portes (5687 ex à $2971)
    • 9 places et toujours 4 portes (2133 ex à $3055)

  • Vehicle Description : 1959 EDSEL YILLAGER 9 PASSENGER STATION WAGON., MODEL 71F. When was the last time you saw one of these, especially in this condition. It sure does not happen often. The car is a combination of very well preserved original, refurbished as needed, and maintained meticulously. I have been collecting cars for well over 20 years, and don't consider a car restored unless it is completely blown apart and every nut and bolt turned or replaced. A lot of sellers represent their cars as restored when they just throw a cheap paint job on them. This is not the case with this car. The car was professionally repainted a couple of years ago in a very high quality show fashion, in its original white finish. The car is extremely straight, no body damage etc. All the stainless, bumpers etc are in show condition. The front bumper and large grill area are original and are in just extraordinary condition. I have not seen any better. The back bumper has just been rechromed. All the chrome around the vent windows which is usually bad, are perfect.All the stainless is as new condition. The interior is original and is just breath-taking. Finished in its original red and white code 31- white and red vinyl with Gold Puff cloth.The seating area is magnificent covered in the nostalgic plastic for protection. The original red floor mat material is still all in tact and beautiful.The cargo area has been freshened up and looks great, you can open it for show. The dash area with all its chrome is about the best you will find. No pitting on the metal.The steering wheel is beautiful. The headliner is beautiful and original.The interior needs nothing. You will also see it has the original kleenex dispensor under the dash. All the glass is the original Ford Script Glass. It is powered by the 361 cubic inch "Super Express" Engine with the 3-speed manual transmission. Standard steering and brakes. Boy!! What a great hot rod it would make. The engine compartment has been detailed for show, it is really nice. The undercarriage is very solid, cleaned and painted chassis black. It has a repalcement remanufactured engine with about 100 miles. All the attached parts have been rebuilt, radiator, generator, water pump, carb etc.When you first start the car it does make a little lifter noise, which is quite typical of Ford engines of this era. It goes away as it is driven more. The brakes were redone but I am still getting some pulling to the right when I first drive it. It seems to go away the more I drive it,but the car sits for long periods, so I just live with it. It has a new dual exhaust system with glass pack mufflers. It has a AM radio which still plays perfectly with the optional rear speaker. I just purchased a set of Edsel Spinner Caps, had them restored and they are on the car. If you are familiar with these caps, you know they are very rare and expensive. The pictures show it with a very rare option roof rack from the peroid. It is not attached. I did not want to drill holes in the car. Depending on the price I might sell it with the car. These are non-existent, you will never find one, especially in this shape.The odometer shows approx 92,000 miles which are actual. It has a box"A" Arizona Title actual miles on it. If I did not tell you the miles, you would think it has 1/2 that amount. It is truley beautiful. The cars runs and drives great, and it is quite a attention getter, you never see these cars. It really is magnificent. If you are looking for a car that is a little different this is it.Wagons are hot right now, especially ones that are a little different. Check the Barrett Jackson Auction results and you will find a 58 Edsel wagon selling for $44,000.00 Any questions please call DEAN at 480-905-3707, Scottsdale Arizona.Please no e-mails, please call, I am not neat a computer often enough to get back to you in a timely fashion. If you would like to discuss the purchase of the car early, call me.Also my cell number is 480-363-4449. Please remember it is a 43 year old car. Please do not expect a 2002 rolling off the showroom floor. Collector cars do need attention, they all have thier own idiosyncrisies. Thats the fun and challenges with them. I have been collecting cars for well over 20 years, and they have given me much enjoyment. But there has come a time where I must pare down on the number of cars I have, and move on to other things. Thanks again...
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