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Cycle Car


1 9 1 4 (ou 1915)


/ $395


2 places en tandem


4cyl refroidi par eau - 10cv

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  • 1910 : lW. Irwing Twombly est plein de projets. Il crée la "Twombly Car Corporation" et veut construire des voitures à carrosserie démontable rapidement et à moteur interchangeable, il pense aussi à la vapeur. Un prototype nait avec un bicylindre opposés à plat pour lequel il envisage les marché des taxis. Les finances ne suivant pas, cela ne va pas plus loin
  • 1913 : on le voit réapparaître avec un cyclecar en tandem, surbaissé, avec un moteur V2 de 7cv refroidi par air et une transmission par double chaîne
  • 1914 : le moteur devient Knight et passe à 4 cylindres refroidi par eau. Le prix grimpe à $395
  • 1915 : la gamme s'est étendue avec un "light car" torpédo et un taxi tous deux en 4 places. Le moteur atteint 16cv. Malgré tout la faillite est prononcée dès février

  • Rare Original 1914 Twombly Cycle Car
  • Vehicle Description : This is a late 1914 or 1915 Twombly Cyclecar. This cyclecar was manufactured by Driggs Seabury in Sharon Pennsylvania. By process of elimination, we have narrowed the manufacture date from 1914-1915. We have been told by another collector, that this is one of 4 that he knows in existence today. Let me share an interesting story about the Twombly W. Irving Twombly's Last automotive effort was also his best. This Twombly was a cyclecar that grew up. In 1913 it was a typical spindly tandem two seater with 36 inch tread and a 98 inch wheelbase which sold for 350.00. It was underslung had a friction transmission and double chain drive. Its engine was a 7 hp vee twin. For 1913, a 10 hp water cooled piston valve four cylinder engine was substituted,the wheel bas was lengthened to 100 inches and the price raised to 395.00 I cannot understand it, Twombly was quoted as saying that year, but I have come across those in the auto world who have expressed sentiments adverse to the cyclecar. When he did understand it, he redesigned his cyclecar into a very fine light carwith worm drive and three speed sliding gear transmission. He thought awhile about using a knight sleeve valve engine, but ultimately decided on a watercooled poppet valve 16 hp four. He had to raise his prices to the 600 - 750 range for all this, but now he offered three models: a side by side two passenger runabout, a four passenger touring, and a taxicab. The latter he produced imself in the former plant of New York motor works which he leased in Nutley New Jersey. Although the pilot models of his roadster and touring cars were built in a rented factory in Avondale, New Jersey, for productionTwombly turned to Driggs-Seabury In Sharon Pennsylvania. The order Twombly placed with Driggs was for 3000 cars. It appeared that W. Irving Twombly was going to make it this time. Alas he did not. His chief financial backer in the Twombly Car Corporation was a retired Presbyterian minister named Reverend Dr. D. Stuart Dodge, who was not blessed with sainted patience. When salutary sales did not arrive, Dr. Dodge petitioned Twombly into bankruptcy in February of 1915. From this information from a historical automobile book we have narrowed this to probably a 1914. It was advertised in the Australian Motorist advertisement that we have that it appears to be the same car. On the ad, it says the new Twombly the lowest priced car in the world. This ad was for the Times Square Automobile Company and 56th and Broadway, New York, and 1210 Michigan Avenue, Chicago Illinois
  • Vehicle Condition : This Vehicle is in good restored condition. We have taken careful attention to try and note any identifiable markings on the car. They are as follows. The wood interior is in especially good shape and looks sharp. The car is in good running condition It has a friction driven transmission. The head has been repaired. A professional auto appraisal has recently been done on this vehicle. 1.The very bottom of the oil pan which appears to be cast has 20006A imprinted 2.The Radiator says Rome Turney Radiator Co., Rome NY. This is a round seal on the inside toward the engine. Made under Mayo Patents April 11, 1911 3.The Carburetor is brass and says Zenith, Detroit Mich. USA US Patent Dec. 29, 1908 4.Fan Belt is leather with a brass blade fan 5.The brass engine plate sits high on the engine and says Driggs Seabury Ordnance Corp. Sharon, Penna, Model 11 Car #1. You be the judge for yourself. I am not for sure if this is an actual stamp or not. 6.Magneto DU 4, Patented Oct 17, 05 &endash; Oct 24 05, Oct 6, 08, We tried to make out these patent dates the best we could, but they were fairly unreadable 7.Brake Lever parts have the following numbers 20578 and 20582 8.The head has been repaired. 9.Wood Running boards 10.Rear Axle Alignment Bar has the following number 20279 11.Eagle Horn-Made in Pakistan 12.Steering Wheel has an S in a square with -1886 on the backside metal part.




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